Q1, how to awaken robot?
A1: Just consecutive crows twice, "Wang Zi, Wang Zi" to wake robots.

Q2, how to confirm whether the robot connected to the network?
A2: You can view the dropdown robot interface is connected to a network, you can also see the robot ears, or network connected lighting flashes are unstable network.

Q3, how to bind a robot?
A3: 1, right to the robot to find the third interface "mobile phone control software" two-dimensional code, with QQ, browser or scanning software to scan two-dimensional code to download APP and install.
        2, open and landing robot APP, enter the robot control center, click the top right of the set button, find the "scan two-dimensional code" scan "Mong Aber" a key binding robot; or click on the search device, request binding equipment, Click on the interface to confirm.

Q4, full charge takes how long? How long can be used?
A4: full charge takes four hours can be used for more than 24 hours.

Q5, photos how lead out?
A5: Robot left waist with USB interface, connected to the computer can export.