Shenzhen City Heiner days Hang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013, is a research and development, production and sale of intelligent service robot tech companies.

Angel robot future R & D team is our core strength. We have experienced industrial designers, structural engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, UI designers, they work in their own area of expertise for many years, and innovation.

"The future of Angels" brand is Heiner days Hang effort to build things to rely on intelligent humanoid service robot brand, the brand's first product - "Wang Zi" robot is a welcome speech, business solutions, face recognition, sound source positioning, remote avatars, smart home, smart dialogue, interactive entertainment, home security, automatic charging and other functions in one intelligent humanoid service robots. Achieve a full voice intelligent interaction is based on a speech cloud, semantic recognition, artificial intelligence, depth of learning, big data software technology and intelligent hardware sensor technology to develop a new generation of high-tech products. "Wang Zi"R1 is a shape but stay alert naughty Meng-year-old boy, he appeared to get a large number of consumers of all ages."Wang Zi" R2 Smart Business Edition is a close and pleasant and witty jeans wearing jeans, the emergence of a large number of enterprises and consumers will be favored.